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Q:            Why do we do this?
A:            Simply put, to help people and rescue lost spirits while enhancing knowledge.  We founded the Texas Revenant Society in an effort to formalize a group of like-minded individuals; people who are constantly searching for the truth regarding the persistence of the human spirit.

Q:            What are your qualifications?
A:            Our investigators and associates demonstrate diverse and varied backgrounds.  In our senior staff alone, we have years of experience:  An advanced degree in Theology with studies in Demonology and Angelology; an empath, a sensitive, certified Paranormal Investigators, personnel trained in smudging and building cleansing, personnel trained in the art of spirit rescue, and personnel trained in areas of EVP collection and analysis.  Our associates include mediums / clairvoyants,  trained and experienced investigators from sister groups, and ordained members of the clergy. 

Geographically speaking, what is the paranormal investigative area of the Texas Revenant Society?
A:            Our home base is Houston, Texas.  We will normally conduct investigations within a 150 mile radius of the Houston Metro area, however, dependent on circumstances we can reach further.

Q:            Is there a charge for paranormal investigations?
A:            Absolutely not.  The investigation and all involved expenses are from our operating budget.

Q:            How do I contact you to set up an investigation?
A:            Contact us via the general mailbox: or call the telephone number listed on the home page. We will return your phone call or email quickly, and then arrange a meeting to exchange details and discuss a plan of action.

Q:            What types of activity do we investigate?
A:            All types of paranormal activity:  Hauntings, poltergeist, apparition, residuals, visitations, good, bad, perceived evil or otherwise.

Q:            If my house is in fact haunted, will you remove the spirit, haunt, or entity?
A:            If the haunting is a lost spirit, we first attempt to rescue and move it toward it's intended destination.  If the cause of the haunting is deemed to be something other than a lost spirit, sometimes recognition or a simple blessing can do the trick.  However, if it is beyond the capability of our trained personnel we are usually able to show you a path and/or work with you to gain further assistance.

Q:            Do you release my name, address, or personal information?
A:            No, we respect your privacy and guarantee absolute discretion.  We do not show up at your house in automobiles sporting huge “Ghost Hunter” signs, and we do not involve outside agencies or persons without your explicit permission.  EVPs, pictures, etc. that are used on our web site are thoroughly “sanitized” prior to posting.

Q:            Do I receive a report when the investigation is completed?
A:            Yes.  On every investigation that moves past the interview stage the client is given a verbal and written outbrief.  The client is provided a copy of the written report which includes findings and recommendations, and a CD containing all media collected during the investigation (Video, photo, and audio).  

Q:            What types of equipment would be brought into my home or business?
A:            Our philosophy is “Less is better”…Normally we bring the minimum amount of equipment necessary to fulfill the task.  This could involve infrared and conventional cameras and video equipment, audio recording devices, motion detection equipment, electromagnetic field detectors, temperature measuring equipment, thermal cameras, and various other specialized devices.

:            How long does it normally take to detect and identify the fact that paranormal activity does/does not exist?
:            There is no “set” time, however, a normal investigation could involve 1-2 interviews via telephone or in person, a day or two of background work to look for outside extenuating factors, then 1-2 days of actual investigation at the site.  Analysis of media captured during the investigation will normally take 5-7 days or less to process, then we brief you as to findings and, in the case that something is discovered, we suggest routes for cure.

Q:            How do I know if my house or business is “haunted”?
A:            A few of the simple “standard symptoms” of a haunting could involve – cold spots that come and go, strange noises that defy explanation, footsteps when no one is present, strange lights or flashes, repeated appearance of odd shadows or shapes, repetitive odd (hair raising) feelings that someone or something is present, actual materialization of apparitions, objects moving, falling, or disappearing/reappearing, apparent interaction (or reactions) between pets or small children and an unidentified presence, and odd smells that appear and disappear.

Q:            I frequently see “orbs” in pictures that are taken in my home.  Is my house haunted?
A:            If this is the only anomaly or manifestation that exists, probably not.  Orbs can be caused by many natural means.

Q:            Are ghosts or spirits “evil”?
A:            Evil definitely exists, but by far most cases usually involve something more tame.  However, every case is different and should be evaluated as such.  “Hollywood” and our culture will take every opportunity to sensationalize a haunting that has evil overtones as well as developing a simple, benign scenario into something that it is not.

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