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We ask that on your first visit, PLEASE read through this information first then scroll below for the "View Investigations Files" button:

We at the Texas Revenant Society are pleased to open our files for your analysis, your opinion, and your enjoyment.  In the way of a little background:   At the time of our group's inception, one of the main driving forces for us to "organize" was our desire for knowledge and a collective interest in the paranormal.  We had collected EVPs and photos during random visits to cemeteries, old houses, and the like.  This being in addition to a baseball sized orb of light that, at 2:30 one dark night in a deep country cemetery, arose from a child's grave and floated in every manner that we asked it to do.  The dull yellow orb would purposefully float up, down, left, and right as we requested.  It was at this point that we truly understood there actually was "something out there".  We were dumbfounded, amazed, and furthermore we were hooked.

      EVPs:     With quite a few excursions, investigations, and endless EVP analyses under our belts we slowly became a little smarter.  First, we discovered that EVP capture is easy; they are plentiful and sometimes very clear, but that the real skill in working with EVPs comes in the analysis.  Proper software, a keen ear, and a realistic attitude go a long way, but the real magic is in being able to (a) detect, (b) excise and save, and (c) properly filter and clean up the recording without making it into something that it is not.  Unfortunately, it took us a while to learn that "minimal is better" when it comes to filtering and noise reduction.  We destroyed quite a few good EVPs while in the process of cleanup.  Initially starting out using Audacity as our analysis program, we then graduated to the more sophisticated Adobe Audition.  Although expensive, Audition has really helped us gain a better clarity product without significant transformation.
     Some of the EVPs you will find in our files are totally unfiltered and without audio modification of any type.  We will leave it you to decide whether it should be filtered, noise reduced, or altered in order to enhance clarity.  As any experienced EVP technician can tell you, not all captures are "real"; there are always swishes of clothing and scufflings of the feet that can sound exactly like vocalizations.  We have done our best to ferret these out before posting, but no doubt there will be a few.
     We are not liberal with our classifications.  If it says "Class A", then chances are you will have no problem in deciphering what is being said.  "Class B" means "strong and clear", but that different people may have different ideas as to what it is saying.  "Class C" means just that - weak, unclear, and sometimes very hard to decipher.  We usually drop Class C EVPs into the trash bin, but do hold those that have some hope of  being clarified. 
We absolutely suggest that you use headphones when listening to these EVPs.

RVPs:       We are more or less at the beginning stages of our RVP testing.  We bought a Radio Shack transistor radio and "hacked" it as shown on a couple of web sites.  It now scans in a perpetual loop once energized, and takes a "sound bite" of each frequency that it passes over.  The operational premise of the "box" is that it provides a "carrier" through which communications can be accomplished.  We hooked the radio and a microphone into the computer and began asking questions;  although it could be an amazing series of coincidences our initial attempts at contact yielded some strange results as illustrated by the recordings.  Listen for yourself and see what you think. Further testing to follow...
     ORBS and PARANORMAL MANIFESTATIONS:   Let me say first that we are not resolute unbelievers in the fact of orbs holding paranormal value, but we do discriminate closely when analyzing and posting pictures of this nature.  We have taken literally thousands of pictures in multiple sites and have captured orbs of every shape, size, and description.  True, there are some that are very significant due to their shape, content, or intensity and we do occasionally hold and post pictures of these anomalies, but most are easily explainable due to dust, pollen, and most commonly moisture or mist.  I guess what we are saying here is that, at least for purposes of our group, the "jury is still out" when it comes to orbs.  We will see what the future holds!

      PRIVACY:  Many of our pictures and recordings are taken in cemeteries and old, private homes.  In an effort to avoid undue stress to families, and to prevent disruption of sacred sites we have thoroughly "sanitized" our reports and media prior to posting.  If you find anything herein that is not proper, is offensive or is painful to specific families please let us know right away.  We will remove or modify the posting immediately.  The Texas Revenant Society ALWAYS conducts itself in a proper, professional fashion while investigating or capturing media.  This includes gaining permission before entering restricted sites, not leaving trash or butts for someone else to clean, and treating each site as a place of reverence and respect.  As a courtesy, we will share specific media information with other professional paranormal groups if circumstances permit; please contact us via email or telephone.
       LAST AND VERY IMPORTANT:  All media posted on this site, including logos, photos, recordings, and videos, are the copyrighted property of the Texas Revenant Society.  We welcome your interest in using this media for other purposes, but ask that you contact us for permission prior to posting or publishing.  Our policies are liberal, but we do demand and expect the courtesy of your request.

We have literally hundreds of recordings and photos to post, so this file will constantly be under modification.  Please check back frequently for the latest additions.  Your comments are solicited and welcome! 


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