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Our Associate Member Program is great for folks who are just starting out in paranormal investigation and want to learn, are members of other paranormal investigation groups, or who would like to be involved in a paranormal investigation group from time to time as their schedules permit. 

Associate Members (Associates) are selected based on their skills and/or capabilities, equipment they bring to the table, or simply their attitude and location.  Although Associates hold no permanent responsibility to TRS, they will participate in investigations they bring forward to the group.  Further, TRS will make every effort to include Associates in training sessions, email communications, and actual investigations as circumstances permit.

General requirements for Associates:  Good moral character (no criminal history), professional demeanor, a good, positive attitude, and a desire to learn about the world of paranormal investigation.  Previous experience and/or equipment are an added plus.

The process for induction of Associate Members:  (1) Interest and application, (2) Preliminary interview via email or telephone, (3) Personal interview conducted by at least two Senior Members, (4) A "yea" vote by at least 65% of the permanent team members.


If you are interested in being a part of the Texas Revenant Society, a premier Houston-based professional paranormal investigation agency, our Associates Program is right for you.  Please request further information through the main TRS email box: 

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